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This is a personal view into my mind and all the inner dialog that goes on there. Past wisdom is hanging on the wall to the right. My busy self that tries to stay on top of everything runns on the wheel while drinking coffee while making the big desiscions.The stick man in the lower left tries to bring me down by bringing up any failures from the past or just gets snarky with me to see if I got a good come back line. There is a goofy uninhibited fish in the upper left that is my inner child and represent my stright up silly outlook on life. I could go on, but not right now.

Inner Dialog 3ft X 3ft

Canvas Edge
  • Acrylic on canvas. A whimsical-surreal depiction of my inner dialog. It's a loud and colorful place in there. Acrylic on 3ft X 3ft X 1incanvas.

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