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An ongoing journal that hilites events and focusses on my art journey. Not writing every day, but this will give you a glimpse into my artist life.

In The Future

     More art booths to go to and more gallery shows. Meeting some awesome art patrons. Eating chicken pot pie and king ranch casserole. My plants are doing great and I got some sweet potatoes now! 


    All day studio time! Yay! Well, mostly I will be in here painting. I am in the zone.


     Yesterday was my first experience at a silent art auction. It was a very nice event with very pleasant live music. The event was to benefit the homeless and people in need. Hope Restored Missions put on the event. I sat with other Goldmark artists and the event photographer (a true class act). Up for auction was more than just art. There where vacation packages and goodie baskets.

     We were given a lovely dinner with Tiffs treats cookies and I did eat some of those. Anyway, towards the end was announced who had purchased each item and a wonderful couple had gladly acquired my creation "Yes 2 Happy Place". We got our photo taken with the new owners and headed back home.

     Now it is the next day, September 27 and I am drinking my bulletproof coffee, eating peanuts and painting.

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