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     So, you want to know all about who Kyle Wood is, well, let me tell you: As a small child he found himself fascinated with nature and the strange reality he found himself in. Feeling quite different from other kids and people, there was a strange disconnect that gave him the observer perspective on life. Personal expression revealed itself with sketching and art. From observing and learning about life and all it's oddities there grew a fascination with the strange and unusual as well as the multiple levels of human realities.  Peeking his interest was the other humans that dedicated their lives to creating art, past and present. Like a very strong magnet, it pulled him in. He has been entrenched in art ever since. While developing his style and uniqueness, Kyle found himself excited to talk to people about his art and bring his vision to the world.

     Winning multiple art awards as a kid. One school he attended dedicate a whole “Kyle Wood week” to display his creations, it was off to East Texas State University (now Texas A&M Commerce) to get a Bachelors in art. From there, he fell into the illustration world, working for Bob Depew Studios and later Artifx Studio. Still in his 20s, he moved onto the retouching world. This was an opportunity to illustrate, retouch and get introduced to the 3D world. During all this time he has been sketching and painting creations that have brought him to where he is today. Kyle currently works for Studio Tribe in Dallas as well as painting new art creations of his own, selling mostly at a local market where you can find him currently.

     Inspiration arrives from various subjects and areas of his life, pondering why people do what they do and how time, nature, culture and society affect how we see reality. Whimsical Surrealism describes the majority of what he creates. There is an uplifting positive spirit that shines through. At times he brings a bit of humor and a moments to laugh at life. “Shifting Reality For The Fun Of It” is his slogan because it is fun to twist reality to get people to notice and question things. Entering into his various worlds to find your own interpretation is part of the fun. Many of his works have deep meaning and philosophy that take symbolic imagery and bring it into a narrative that invites the viewer to explore with their own view of life. On the other hand, some of his creations just focus on a playful childish nature we all possess.

     Mixed media and acrylic paint is currently what he prefers. Previously he has worked in oils, pastels, airbrush, watercolors, pencil, ink, as well as digital media. Wood paneling is his favorite painting and drawing surface, yet many have been brought to life on canvas and paper.

     Kyle Wood offers prints of most of his work as well as signed enhanced prints. To provide a wide range of pricing options, he has been working on various options such smaller prints and art magnets.

     As far as keeping up with what Kyle Wood is doing, you can subscribe to his website for occasional updates as well as visit his site to see where his next gallery showing or booth sale will be. And as always, have a creative day!

.....still here are you? Okay,.... guess you want to know more. Well, here it goes: Kyle is an explorer and a bit of a mad scientist  at heart. There is a drive to create mysteries and traverse alternate realities as well as bending time and space to bring fun and intriguing creations to life.  As a small child he would struggle to bridge the gap between the awake world and dream world, following swirling forms in his mind at night into the mysteries of thought and perception. Not sure how to describe that. In short, Kyle wanted to see what happened between being awake and asleep. It did seem that in continuously performing these experiments at a young age, he was widening the door to a more vivid day dream world that would spark his creativity and frustrate him. It is frustrating because the imagery has become more complex over time and changes rapidly. Now, let us stop for a moment, it is not certain that this started his ability to "see things". In fact there are many, maybe even you that see imagery no mater weather eyes are open or shut. His mind spills out images that are seen in his minds eye. Interestingly enough as a small child it would start as an animated noise cloud like an old TV set. Quickly there would be an organized pattern of an item that constantly morphed into another. Each item in the pattern would do exactly the same thing. This organization would slowly evolve onto a giant trash heap of items rotating, morphing and moving around. Some times it changes to a very quick slide show that displays painting after painting about two frames per second. If only he could bring some of what he sees onto canvas. Well, that is his struggle. What he creates for the most part is a representation and inspiration from all that. Obviously this is a muddy explanation and there is much more to why and what he creates. For instance, Kyle likes to steer away from evil imagery or super depressing things if possible. He likes to make people laugh, be intrigued, have an opinion, be childish and escape to a world of wonder and possible danger. Why danger? Well, life is not a utopia. Just like Aesop fables, Kyle likes to keep you on guard in life. As nice as things can get, there is always a reason to be warry. We could go on and on here but we must be moving on. 

     It is so hard to say what artists inspire him. This is so strange writing this in third person. Anyway, Kyle was fascinated by such artists as Escher, Dali, Albrecht Dürer, Andrew Wyeth, Leonardo da Vinci, René Magritte, Dr. Seuss, Boris Vallejo, Norman Rockwell, Richard Scarry, Maxfield Parrish, Mouse and Kelly, Hieronymus Bosch, Tim Burton, Nick Park and many more.

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