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Your Opinion Defines Arts Meaning

A creation of art can have a very unique meaning to you. We all make a different connection with each piece.

Hate it, love it, like it or just be meh about it. Art requires your opinion. You are never wrong about having an opinion of a creation of art. Don't feel like you must like all art, because there is something for everyone. An artist has brought their passion and inspiration to life, so that someone will connect with it. Magically, your interpretation of the same piece of art will be different than someone else's, and that is fine. It may be hated by some and loved and adored by others. There is no bad art, just art that you feel is bad. In your reality, all art is defined by the meaning you find in it. Despite what the artist intended, each creation takes on a life of it's own merely by the opinions of the viewers, lovers and critics of art.

The best way to know what art you like, is to see more of it and form an opinion. A person may find that one particular creation just speaks to their heart. A compelling urge to own that work of art could overtake them and a purchase will occur. Now that creation is a part of their life. Art that speaks to someone, can make a real impact on their life. It many times has an unspoken characteristic that the viewer just falls in love with. It may bring back memories of the past or be a place to mentally escape into. It may just resonate with that persons struggles or triumphs. There really are endless ways for a creation to make a connection with someone or even turn someone off to it.

Someone can be very offended by a creation of art while someone else is enamored with it. We can't help but imagine the motivation for such a creation and what it might have taken to bring it to life. The true value of art is not defined by art historians or gallery owners or even art competition judges. It is defined by you. Your opinion really does define the meaning of art.

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