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Why I Am Not Afraid Of AI Art

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Humans create art through their own ideas feeling and perceptions of reality and more. It is about the expression of humanity. I am fine with art created by artificial intelligence, because that is an expression of algorithms and programed code directed by human word prompts. I create art with my human imperfections, awkwardness, distorted views, knowledge, talent, soul, and combined experiences of life. When someone buys my art that is what they are buying, not a pretty image. The image is the result of the accumulated thoughts, perspectives and views from my life. I shift reality for the fun of it because I feel that art is a place to escape into, kind of like a dream.

In 1896 a self playing piano was invented by Edwin Votey. It plays by itself. Would you go to a concert hall to hear it play? Well, maybe, but it still is not the same as going to hear Lang Lang play the piano. He is currently a famous Pianist. Technology is not going to take away the art of art. I realize how detailed and amazing those images are. It is fascinating and has its place just like digital camera

s do not replace portrait painters. Video did not kill the radio star. Cars did not replace the enjoyment of riding horses. Digital games did not do away with board games or playing cards. It is just new stuff.

AI art is not from a human. There is a elephant that paints abstract paintings. People that enjoy elephant art buy that. Ai art is amazing in it's own way. It is just generated from a computer program based on art created by humans kind of like the self playing piano. That is it. And, yes people want and like that. It is just fine with me, because people that want and buy my art, buy it because I created it.

Here is another perspective on this. Remember if you can when there was no Photoshop. There was no way to take a photo and manipulate it digitally to make it look like a painting. Since then programs like Photoshop and Painter have filters and effects that can be applied to photographs, making the look like they where painted. Did that replace realistic or impressionistic painters? No. Quite laughable I would say, but at the time when that became a thing, some artists got concerned about it. AI art is like a super advanced filter. It tries to mimic art, but will never really be able to replace a human like you or me. I hope this gives a different perspective on all this, after all this is just my own opinions and views on artificial intelligence created art.

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