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What is it like to Art?

A random post I made about what it is like to create art. Also, I had fun creating this blog art.

To me, it feels good to art. I find that some are ashamed to art, because they do not see themselves as professional. Whatever professional means. That is such a relative term in my mind. It is actually natural to art, and the act of art-ting is good for the soul. You can art loud and bold or silent and simple. It may stink to some people and yet to others be amazing. Think of how good you felt, last time you art-ted. Ahhh. Yes, it is a very basic human thing to art. Look at cave paintings, they are full of evidence of art-ting.

Of course, I am talking about creating art. This is a serious subject, by the way. Living in a world that likes to categorize everyone for what they do, we see people labeled as artist, mostly because they do it the majority of the time. I fall into that, but see people doing creative things all the time. I have yet to meet someone that does not have an ounce of creativity in them. Especially as kids, we all created art and it was put on the fridge with pride. Of course there are many forms of art, such as drawing, painting, music, sculpture, literature, dance, theater and more. Some people may choose to create for a living. That is the extreme, but not the definition of an artist. I have known many that go to a regular day job and create art on the side. Some people are just creative at the day job and improve productivity or make a more enjoyable work environment.

Thinking creatively is essential in navigate this thing called life. Robots we are not. Just telling a joke is creative. Building a sandcastle may not be considered "high-art", but I do believe most people can do that or a snowman. Yes, there are varying degrees of creativity. Artistic abilities are on a spectrum and as humans we are all on this spectrum. So, feel free to art when you get the urge. Do not hold it in. Let it out loud and proud, I know I do. I have made art my life, because I enjoy it so much and have not been good at much else. If you find yourself with that need, just do it. The more you art, the better you get. We all art in such unique ways. Just be honest with it and you will feel better when it happens.

I hope you don't look back at your own life and say "I held it in my whole life and never let it out for the world to see and hear." No matter how big or small you art, just do it and do it with pride, you crazy creative humans. I have the suspicious notion that anyone of you can art in one way or another.

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