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What Defines An Organized Art Studio?

Just my personal artist view on what an organized studio is.

Staying within your own comfort level is what it truly means to have an organized studio. Of course this is all my opinion. If i can still find things in a reasonable time and work efficiently without getting frustrated, then my studio is organized to me. Being a creative mad-scientist type artist, I like inventing and constructing things to keep my stuff as organized as possible. For instance, I have this convered cloths hamper on casters that just slides under my art table. It has a bottom compartment to store stuff like small boards to paint on. The top tray is foam core. There are several custom pockets and dividers to keep things organized. The side has hooks and holsters for holding scissors, blades, tape and what not. This is obviously not required, but it helps me out.

This is not the only thing that helps me stay organized. It is just an example.

When I do get to a point of frustration and it gets difficult to find things, I have to just stop. Step away. Come back and get things back in order before it gets too crazy and my productivity slows to a crawl. At times, my studio looks kaotic, to others, but if I know were things are that I need, it is organized to me and creativity can flow smoothly without interruption.

Clean up time always happens at the end of producing a work of art. It is not easy and I do have to stay on myself about it, because I don't want to stop in the middle of creation. It messes up my groove. But it has to be done. As you can see too, I don't go for fancy equipment just efficient and quality. Some exceptions are brushes. Cheap or worn out brushes work great for certain textures or dry-brushing. It is all about the end result to me.

Not sure if this was helpful in any way. I just had to express myself on this point. I think some artist feel they need the latest name brand equipment to produce great work. You do not. All though, it is a great feeling to get nice stuff. Just take pride in what you do have and stay away from the disorganization that drives you crazy.

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