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The Age Old Question: What Is Art?

Well, what is art? This is the result of pondering that.

Grasping for this answer over the years, humans have been relentless. The way I see, it is that, someone finds a way to manifest an expression into a form, that can be perceived by others. Others can see, hear, feel or sense in some way, this new creation. This expression may not even be apparent to the artist. They may simply feel compelled to create the art. An artist would not create, unless they wanted to, even if they don't feel like creating, but do anyway, there is that outside question "Why do they create?" The simple answer is that they have such a strong inner need to create, that they force themselves to create even if it is difficult. An artist named Rafi dubs this action "Fa-chunking". It is still art one way or the other.

Society tries to constrain art to a given definition of what art is, but art is a free spirit. I does whatever. It is whatever. Art is loved, liked, hated and despised. It can uplift someone's spirit or plummet it into despair. Why do we even let art affect us? It is not a beast that can hurt us or grant us a wish. It just sits there to be discovered. I think that we allow art to affect us because we need it, like we need food and water. That may sound strange but even if you find a person that says they don't care for art, you will still find them embracing it. The cloths we wear, the car we drive, the music we listen to, the movies and TV show we adore, all created by artists. They may not have any art on the wall, but a movie poster or two. Oh that is art. I have yet to find anyone that is a robot, who does not embrace art in their life.

Art can be beautiful, disgusting, sweet, insulting, funny, serious, contemplative, placid, normal, embarrassing, intriguing and even boring. But the crazy thing is that each individual person will have a different reaction to a particular creation. For instance, one person can absolutely hate a peace of art while another person is brought to tears of joy. It is human to react to art. I look on a sunset as God's end of the day abstract painting that slowly changes till it dims into a field of twinkling stars on a velvet sky.

As I write this, I can not help but put my own opinion as to what is art into it. We are all individuals with unique opinions, so it really is impossible, to be one hundred percent objective. The purpose of this article, is to reveal the complexity of art and how unrestrained it truly is. Nations have feared it, because of it's strong influence and unpredictable human reaction. Even to the point of imprisoning or having an artist killed. Art is amazing, powerful and just apart our existent. It helps give definition and meaning to our lives. Even functional items can be art. Just watch the antique road show and see how much goes into a chair or a teapot. We live in a world of art because we need it, weather we admit it or not.

Hope this helps understand what art is. We can't help asking the question, because no one can truly find the high-council that dubs art, art. Many have impersonated them and failed because art is like a slippery rouge vapor that is not containable but is obtainable.

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