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Quantum Entanglement An Artist's Perspective

Nothing proven here, just my viewpoint of quantum entanglement as an artist.

"Heart beat". I take, from all that I have heard about particle entanglement, that I can see one particle with an exact and precise "heart beat". When that particle is torn in two, it keeps the same "heart beat", but is inverted. This is why, in my mind that they both correlate opposite results no mater were they are in the universe.

Not sure if I truly understand entangled particles, but as a surreal artist, I have always been fascinated by the strange and bizarre. It was called "spooky action at a distance" by Einstein, which brought me to the conclusion, a long time ago, that in an alternate reality, all matter has a core existence. That base existence stays intact in that reality no matter what happens to it in our reality. This still may be true. Fun to theorise, but if each particle has it's own distinct "heart beat", a fingerprint motion, this might be the true explanation of the phenomenon.

What ever the explanation is, I find it interesting how complex this reality really is. I place my own wondering thoughts into my art, and find that, to entangle me with it. My art is apart of me, a piece of me, just like quantum entanglement.

Adding this update: It has become more clear through THIS VIDEO please give a thumbs up. Veritasium makes it quite simple to understand. It makes me come back to my original conclusion that particles have a core existence within an alternate dimension that is unchangeable. To be unchangeable it would have to be a place without time as we understand it, at least in my mind. All particles exist at the same time in our reality, but are subject to time and change. Therefore every time they measure a split particle's properties, they are getting the information from the core reality where the particle is whole. I am not sure why the information is opposite other than it is the opposite side of the core particle. Physics is not compromised by this theory. This may explain some things that seam mystical or strange if there is a core existent to each and every particle in our universe. I will leave it at that.

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