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Why Not To Ruin An Artist's Groove

My insight on the flow of creativity and how it can be interrupted by friends.

This is a heads-up to any non-creatives who hang around creatives. Creativity can flow like a vaporous form that artists grasp at and have to chase to gather it all up before it is out of reach. breaking that flow can dissipate some of the imagination that we are reaching for. Grant it, interruptions happen, sure, but just know you could be ruining an artist's groove. I have to reference "The Emperor's New Groove" for this. One of my favorite animated movies, by the way. Creativity can be like that. We truly can recover, honestly, but, we get frazzled and have a hard time getting back on track. Like derailing a train. When we get into our groove, magic is truly possible. Don't look at this as a pitiful weakness, it is just the nature of the beast.

If we look glazy eyed and intent on what we are working on, please, I beg you, just leave us be, until we get to a responsive stage. It truly is humorous how this works, but seriously it is not cool, like getting ice cold water suddenly dumped on you unexpectedly. Have patients. There will be a break in the flow. You will know when that is because we will probably stretch, get up to get a drink or head to the restroom. I like stepping outside for a break from my environment.

Artist avoid conversation for various reasons, but when we are in the groove, you will just get some ridiculous responses anyway. They may not even make sense. This is another sign to just give us time to get to a stage that we can connect with another human. This really is not a rant. It just had to be said, because if you do not live in this awkward creative space yourself, it is hard to relate. Also, to complicate it even further, artists are all over the place on what a creative process is and how we go about it. Some actually can communicate while creating, but it could just be the artist's autopilot you are talking to, not actually them.

Hope this helps in some way to understand the creative mind and how to communicate with us. Just don't ruin our artist's groove.

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