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Totally recommend the books from this designer and author! 

The line work is crisp and clear with interesting patterns that do not take away from the user's eye for color.

I have currently 2 of this authors' books.  One for the line work and the other a book of word prompts with room to create my meaning of the word.

Both are FUN and give the user free reign to create. 

You will absolutely enjoy these books! They ROCK!



Coloring Books: Geometric

So far there are three Geometric Coloring books. I challenge myself to make every page completely different. These are not cookie cutter designs. I am working on volume four, but am still in love with Volume three. I did make that a larger book as well. Let me know if you like the smaller size.

Coloring Books: Adult

I made it adult because it encourage you to add cuss words. With a humorous silly adventure this book "Fill The Bleeping Blank Fantasy Book" give you pages to color as well as a story to become apart of. I do plan on other books with these crazy characters.

Sketch Prompts: 300 Enticing Prompts

There will be other versions of this one. Next one will be silly sketches. There is a theme of enticing you to sketch what is in you mind, not just a list of objects to draw. It is more fun to kick-start your creativity with unique prompts.